Uncontested leader

of marketing studies on the hospitality and tourism EMEA market.

Tourism, Hospitality, Restaurant

Specialized in the tourism industry, MKG Group is currently the undisputed leader in marketing studies for the European hotel and tourism market. .

Our experience and references give us the added advantage of being able to act in real time in order to find the best solutions for each individual project.

Our team of experts is fully capable and equipped to develop studies and customized action plans, providing a high level of reactivity, transparency, and respect for our commitments.

MKG Group benefits from profound knowledge of all appropriate analytical methodologies, and has a wealth of resources to offer:

- the most complete database in the world (excluding the United States) for hotel activity
- advice and customised studies from the leading hotel monitor in France and Europe
- expertise in project feasibility and valuations of hotel assets
- measurement and management of the quality of a single establishment or a network
- highly respected industry studies for the entire European hotel industry;


Service companies

Our many years of experience in measuring quality in the hotel industry enable us to have a solid foundation of expertise which we can provide to client-focused companies.

Quality management for a client-focused company is crucial, and must integrate specific criteria for both product and customer service. MKG is able to provide the necessary tools and skills for evaluation and improvement in both of these areas.

Our expertise:

- understand and analyze customers’ needs;
- adapt existing services to their requirements;
- develop operational action plans and determine the best ways to implement them
- provide concrete operational and internal management tools that will also help retain customers

Our quality assurance evaluations are for all companies that wish to offer the best possible quality to their customers, and know that the only way to accomplish this is through rigorous concrete efforts on a daily basis.