Guaranteed commitment, excellence, expertise and professionalism.

Experience & Excellence

Since 1985, MKG Group has built a reputation for solid business expertise and substantial know-how in the fields of tourism, lodging and food service. This enables MKG Group to meet the needs of each of its clients by providing the valuable analytical and decision-making skills necessary for success..

Methodology & Innovation

With proprietary analytical tools and customised online applications available in real time, the group makes a daily contribution to client performance, whether they are major companies specialised in tourism or a small investor. This is because we have just one goal in mind: to optimise performance and investments for all of our clients.

Independence & Neutrality

While MKG Group’s own methodologies and proprietary tools provide outstanding advantages to clients, the essence of the company’s contribution is deeper and stems from years of experience which help our clients achieve their operational objectives.
Furthermore, we guarantee confidentiality of all client data, in France and abroad, and assure neutrality and independence of all MKG personnel working on our projects.

MKG Group guaranteed commitment, excellence, expertise and professionalism.


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